Spring is a time of renewal as a fresh air embraces you. It’s also the perfect time to ‘spring’ into the Hot Yoga Om Studio in Fort Walton Beach. Our far-infrared heating panels provide hypoallergenic heat to sweat out the toxins and rejuvenate yourself from the inside out with a unparalleled hot yoga experience. Enjoy an increased detoxification from our heating panels that give off a dry, sauna-like heat. Experience the difference today at the Hot Yoga Om studio.

Hot Yoga Class Specials

hot yoga classes march 2019 specials

Our healing far-infrared heat is the perfect way to embrace spring with a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. Hot Yoga Om offers daily hot yoga classes for all fitness levels and our hot yoga instructors are mindful that everyone is at a different point in their practice.

Our March Hot Yoga Class specials are heating up for new and current yoga students. New students to the Hot Yoga Om studio can enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $20. Students can also purchase a hot yoga class special with 7 classes for $55 or a three month unlimited yoga class package for $220 (Save $140).

Deep Connections – YinYoga (80-85°) Hot Yoga Class Change

Also in March, there is one change to our hot yoga class schedule. Join us on Sundays from 4:30 – 5:30 for Deep Connections YIN hot yoga class with Lori Hupp. This hot yoga class is perfect for the beginner and experienced alike. It offers the balance of both yin and yang philosophies aiming to increase strength and flexibility, which allows more energy and lower stress. In the Yin practice, each posture is held from 3-5 minutes resulting in a beautiful peaceful release in the body. In the Yang practice, we return the body to effortless, fluid movement with breath.

Why Far-Infrared Heat for Hot Yoga Classes?

Hot Yoga Om Classes Studio Destin Niceville_sunshine

Our Far-Infrared panels safely heat people, not the air, to offer a quiet, heated environment that can improve your flexibility, circulation, detoxification, stress levels and more. Instead of hot air blowing and circulating the air, our hot yoga students experience a dry, sauna-like heat that gives you an increased detoxification as waste materials are excreted with sweat.

Hot Yoga Om panels provide safe, non-allergenic heat without any noise, dust, air movements or temperature fluctuations. Penetrating muscle tissue and bone joints, Far Infrared heat can considerably help with reducing arthritis and pain, improving circulation, more restful sleep, increased muscular health, stress reduction.

Our hot yoga classes fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your class online in advance.

Keep peace in your mind, strength in your body and love in your heart. Happy March!