Hot Yoga OM

Downtown Fort Walton Beach

Radiant heat from Far-Infrared panels soak the body in healing splendor. Timeless yoga poses that shape the body and mind into vessels of strength and vitality.

Experience the practice today. You will never be the same again.

About Our Studio

Step out of the fray and into your body as you take a journey into hot yoga. Enter a sanctuary of peace as you practice Hot Yoga in a serene yoga studio
that exudes an energy that is both soothing and energizing.
Our Far-Infrared panels safely heat people, not the air, to offer a quiet, heated environment that can improve your flexibility, circulation, detoxification, stress levels and more.

About Your Experience

Enhance your yoga experience with a heat that feels clean, soothing and invigorating. Choose from a variety of hot yoga classes for all fitness levels. We will help you set your intentions for each class and discover new strengths you didn’t know you had. Enjoy a healing practice on many different levels as you step into the present moment and break down any stress in your mind and body.

Benefits of Far-Infrared Hot Yoga

Relax and reap the benefits of a non-allergenic, passive sun-like warmth without the harm of UV rays. Hot Yoga Om panels provide safe, non-allergenic heat without any noise, dust, air movements or temperature fluctuations. Penetrating muscle tissue and bone joints, Far Infrared heat can considerably help with reducing arthritis and pain, improving circulation, more restful sleep, increased muscular health, stress reduction.

What Makes Our Studio Different

Experience the amazing benefits of yoga with the added benefit of Far Infrared heat panels. Our radiant heat panels do not push heated air through a room; therefore, you enjoy a quiet environment with no circulation of germs and airborne disease. Our yoga teachers are mindful of the various levels of practices in each hot yoga class. They are continuously looking for new ways to deepen your practice and bring new knowledge to the mat.

Happy Students


So grateful to have such knowledgeable teachers in this hot yoga studio! You will never feel self conscious or out of place! There is always a place for you and your mat-regardless of skill level. You leave feeling fresh, and rejuvenated. Great place to sweat out all those toxins!! Love Hot Yoga OM!!!

- Courtney

Hot Yoga Om Video

What’s the allure of a sweat-drenched Hot Yoga practice? Watch this video to experience the Hot Yoga Om difference.